Graphic design

The packaging, business form, sales guide shows your company’s judgement in the eye of your partners. To print we need print ready files – to have a professional outcome the prepress has to be impeccable. If our customer doesn’t have it’s own prepress potential then we undertake the design of catalogues, books, flyers or packing materials. We are able to go trough a project from the idea to the final product, if needed we can contribute with photographing and text writing so the final product would be perfect. We cut out the test pieces with laser. In every case we make prototypes and test them, so the production starts only with a perfect product. We make colour accurate prints from the plans so the final product fits the need of our customer. The price of the planing and prototyping should be consulted before the press implementation. If you have tese kind of needs please indicate it to our coleagues while you ask for the price offer.


Kodak Trendsetter CtP

Our platesetter let us make thermal plates up to A1+ size (990x838mm) with a maximum screening of 450 lpi. We can produce 35 pieces of B/2 plates with 2540 dpi resolution in an hour. The plate setting can ba made with traditional, geometric or stochastic screening. The PPD files for the platesetter can be downloaded here: Macintosh | Windows

Plate: Size: Net price (HUF):
B/2 plate 745 x 605 mm 2.500,-
B/3 plate 525 x 385 mm 1.500,-
A/3 plate 465 x 345 mm 1.400,-

Kodak Prinergy Evo 6 workflow

is our press process management application which is an Adobe PostScript level 3 file processor with native PDF handling. Recieving PostScriptTM files is possible from level 1 to level 3, and handling Adobe PDF files is possible to version 9. The minimum requirement for prepress are files with minimum PDF/X1a standard are needed. The recommended colour setting is Coated Fogra 39 profile, with this setting we can achieve the best results in proofing and printing. We can recieve files by CD, DVD, USB pendrive, FireWire or USB drives and troug the internet. Smaller files (max. 10 MB) can be sent to In case of larger files you can claim an FTP access on address. The advantages of the FTP uploading is that the files are uploaded to our internal network. The users are only able to see only their own folders, so your data is in safety. Other prepress software we are using: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Quark Xpress, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Preps Plus Imposition Software. For digital imposition we accept composite and separated PostScriptTM and composite PDF files.

Kodak Matchprint digital proofing system

It is also possible for making colour accurate, calibrated test print (digital proof) with Kodak Matchprint technology up to A/1 size (610x860 mm). The files are processed by Prinergy Evo for the proofing so there is no need to make separate files.

Proof: Size: Net price (HUF):
A/4 proof 220 x 610 mm 1.950,-
A/3 proof 310 x 610 mm 3.000,-
B/3 proof 360 x 610 mm 3.500,-
A/2 proof 430 x 610 mm 6.000,-
A/1 proof 860 x 610 mm 12.000,-